Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Soft Bite Floppy Discs:

If you love playing catch with your dog - you'll love owning a Soft Bite Floppy Disc.
Perfect for retrieving in your yard or park, and it's a great water toy.
Long distance or short - it doesn't matter, the Disc flies as well as a plastic frisbee - and it won't hurt your dog's teeth and gums!
         Floats! - Flies Great! - Flexible & Durable! - Folds into your pocket or pack!
 7" Classic Soft Bite Floppy Disc
 The 7" Classic Small Fry - for smaller dogs with bigger hearts!

 10" Classic Soft Bite Floppy Disc
The 10" Classic - The Original Soft Disc - Providing unrestrained joy for over 21 years!

12" Classic Soft Bite Floppy Disc
The 12" Classic is a better fit for Bigger Dogs!

 7" Melon Soft Bite Floppy Disc
 The 7" Melon is a sweet slice of fun for smaller dogs!

10" Melon Soft Bite Floppy Disc
 Your doggie will love a slice of 10" Melon!

12" Melon Soft Bite Floppy Disc
The 12" Melon is a big slice of fun for bigger Dogs!


  1. Out of all the Frisbees we have owned for our dogs over the years, the ORIGINAL floppy disc is by far the most durable and best flying on the market! Madison and Duke haved chewed through most of the toys we've ever "wasted" money on, but whether in our yard, our car, or our camping bag, our floppy discs remain ;). Thank you for making such a wonderful, American made product Martin and Pat! A very happy Jared, Ashley, Shayla, and Duke ;).

  2. Hi Jared,
    Thank you so much for the review!! I love it.. And I have to tell you that if you are on Facebook we are running a Freebie Friday contest, so if you write in and send from there we would LOVE to send (2) USA Original Soft Bite Floppy Discs, plus "feature" your dogs on our FB site if you send Us photo's!!! Would love to see Madison & Duke!! Team Floppy Disc.